The Destination Is the Journey

I am listening right now for the words to come, trusting that there is something that needs me to say it, write it, today. Unnerving to realize I am not totally in charge of this process, that a greater force, and a more intimate one, plays an indispensable role–without which whatever I type or pen will lack some essence of life.

road in autumn lightIt is one thing to string words together in an artful way, and something else far more rewarding when they sing with soul. I imagine even technical writing, if approached with humility and openness, can sing at least a little–even if it is the goal of such writing to be in total control through the mind.

I don’t want my mind to be in total control, I don’t even want total control however it might come, even though it is tempting at times. The ego wants so much to be in control, but that means severing or at least limiting a relationship with God, among others, and I don’t want that.

dark roadMy relationship with God is built on the willingness to remain open to what comes, to be willing to experience all that life offers, and to trust God to guide me through in ways it is good for me to go.

The destination is not an ending point, not a place. The destination is the open, trusting journey that never ends.

2 thoughts on “The Destination Is the Journey”

  1. Writing, in itself, for me, is a spiritual practice. I’m glad that you trusting the journey and letting the words flow. I find that on top of the good it does for us, we can never really calculate the good it brings to the lives of others. I look forward to days and days and days of hearing the voice of Spirit speak through you. Love and Light!

  2. Thanks, Carol. Writing is a spiritual practice for me, too–perhaps the key one. I have only come to this realization in the past year or so although now this truth seems so evident. I am grateful that I was connected to it last fall during a Vision Quest in Yosemite. I am now truly in Second Half of Life mode, as Merton calls it, learning to live from inside out.

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