A Great and Amazing Journey

I am on the most amazing spiritual journey. 

I thought the only reason God called me step down from pastoring was to do the work of leading POFEV: People of Faith for Equality in Virginia and be a leader among leaders to help in the transformation of Virginia from a state of fear to a Commonwealth of Abundance and Love. 

All that is true, indeed. And it is exciting and wonderful work. 

ImageBut, I am catching on that God also seeks my transformation, moving from someone excessively other-directed to a whole person whose compass is my soul, that is to say God in my deepest heart and being. 

At times wrenching in the pain and upheaval of emotional and spiritual relocation and at other times glorious in the new vistas I see, this is one great adventure. 

As long as I keep God as my guide, I am safe and growing and filled with hope.

And I am blessed. 

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