Why Do Watches Have Gender?

Last week, our daughter Emily was visiting from Mexico. We all enjoyed time at home, just hanging out, sharing meals, and even sharing household tasks.

Emily is a ferocious cleaner, and she really helped us! She even mowed the front and back lawns! Later in the week, she went through her things stored in our attic.

ImageOne result of her cleaning and sorting was that we made several trips to Diversity Thrift–both to give them stuff, and also to buy a couple of book cases we could use as ways to better organize storage spaces in our home. I am telling you, Emily Grace Gorsline is an expert at all this! (she clearly did not get this gene from me–nor from her mother, Judy Gorsline, of sainted memory, either!).

So, after our second Diversity Thrift trip she announced a desire for ice cream. Surely, she had earned that. I suggested frozen yogurt. She agreed.

But first, we went to Target. I needed to buy a wristwatch. I wanted a fabric band–metal bands cause skin irritation on my arm, and I don’t use leather if I can avoid it.

ImageThere were several models in the “Men’s Watches” section. I was about to buy one–a plain black face with black and gray band–when Emily called my attention to one in the “Women’s Watches” section. It had a black band, my preference, and wonder of wonders, the numbers around the face were in rainbow colors. Now, that is a watch for me! I am a rainbow kind of guy.

Joyfully wearing my rainbow watch I drove us to Yapple frozen yogurt on Cary Street. I like Yapple better than Sweet Frog–their hot fudge topping is far superior, and besides Yapple doesn’t sour me on their politics (I call Sweet Frog “Sour Frog” because they support regressive social policies and politicians).

So, there we were, Emily and I, sitting outside Yapple, on the chairs they provide for customers to be seen and see others while eating yogurt, gorging ourselves on soft, cold, goodness.

Emily asked me the time. I proudly looked at my rainbow watch and told her.

Rainbow ceiling inside Yapple Yogurt on Cary Street in Richmond VA

We discussed this vital question: why do watches have gender? The only issue for me had been whether the “woman’s” band would be big enough for my male wrist. It easily was–I have small wrists anyway, not limp so much as just small. The female clerk who sold me the watch said she was wearing a “man’s watch”–it looked like the metal band one I was giving up.

So why do watches have gender? I know men who would like to, and do, wear those “women’s” watches which look more like jewelry, like delicate bracelets with diamonds, etc. I know women who wear big clunky, “masculine” watches and even old-fashioned pocket watches.

And I wear my rainbow watch. After I got home I discovered the band is removable–I began to fantasize about getting bands in different colors, to match my outfit of the day. Did I mention I enjoy rainbows?

Why do watches have gender? Beats me.

Then, why do public bathrooms have gender? More about that another time,

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