Is Acting Like Adults Too Much to Ask?

The drama is building. Chief Justice Roberts is a skilled media player, and he certainly knows how to make sure all eyes are on the Supreme Court.

That is one way, the more cynical way, to see why the court delayed announcing its decision in the case involving the Affordable Care and Protection Act (aka “Obamacare”). 

Of course, it may just be that given the complexities of the issues involved the decision, and the dissent, simply took longer to prepare. I pray that the court has truly delved deeply, and not just staked out ideological positions in advance and found ways to justify them (on all sides).

We will be watching on Thursday, that is for sure.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I am hoping the court will do what most think it will not do: find the law constitutional in all its aspects–or at least defer to the legislative and executive branches in the making of public policy.

If it goes the other way, we will survive, of course. We on the left end of things have to remember that life is not all forward movement. There are setbacks.

Of course, the same is true for those on the right. Despite the predictions of the end of western civilization if the law is upheld, we will survive. We might even thrive.

The lack of proportion in our national debates these days is truly unnerving, and alarming. President Obama is not the anti-Christ, but then Governor Romney is not evil incarnate either. We simply have to get over this Armageddon atmosphere.

We are better than this.

We need real debate on issues and philosophies and principles. That is what leaders do. And that is what we must insist they do. Now.

Perhaps we could read the court’s decision, and the dissents, in total, before deciding who won and lost? Perhaps, we could have a thoughtful conversation about the issues and the effects, and find some common ground on which to go forward?

Is acting like adults too much to ask?

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