Glory Hallelujah!!

Glory Hallelujah! That’s my first reaction.

Thank you, Mr. President. That’s my second reaction.

It’s about time. That’s my third.

In 2004, when we began annual witnesses for marriage equality in Richmond, I confess it did not seem likely that our president would endorse the cause. What a difference eight years make!

It’s not just a different president, or a different party in the executive branch. It is a different country, one that is becoming more different every day.

Despite the vote yesterday in North Carolina, polls consistently show a growing number of Americans support the right of same-gender couples to choose legal marriage. That’s really the issue, the right to decide for ourselves whether to be married or not–as opposed to the right of the state, or a certain portion of the electorate, to force its choice on us.

The day is coming when this will be seen, as are many other civil rights issues, as one of those “Duh!” moments. Why did it take so long, young people will ask.

In reality the gains we have made are, compared to some movements, coming in lightning time. But of course, just because President Obama says it is his opinion that “same-sex couples should be able to get married” does not make it so.

We have a hard and long struggle ahead of us. And it will be up to LGBT folks, and our friends, allies, and family, to carry the cause across the finish line. I am grateful the President referred to his faith in coming to his decision. It is a faith issue–an issue of whether we can trust God’s creation of human beings or whether we have to cast aside a part of God’s creation to fit human rules of who is fully human and who is not.

I am clear the right to marry will happen, not because of the President, but because God wants justice for all. As Dr. King said, the moral arc bends toward justice. Always, even when sometimes it is hard to see.

So the President has helped to bend the arc a bit more. There will be no going back (even as there will continue to be setbacks like North Carolina).

This is worthy of celebration. Praise God! And it is time to keep working. Praise God!

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