A Home Blessing–and Everywhere Else, Too.

A day at home. What luxury! I did not go anywhere today beyond our yard, except to walk with Jonathan and Cocoa in the early morning.

I love my work as Pastor of MCC Richmond–nobody feels more blessed by and alive to his work than I do–and as President of People of Faith for Equality in Virginia (POFEV)–a great passion for justice and transformation in Virginia–and I have no desire or intention of giving either up any time soon (a few years maybe, but not now).

There is only thing that ever pushes against that intention, and that is that I so often have to leave home for this work. Retirement has one great allure: I could stay home lots more.

I am a homebody at heart. And it helps that Jonathan and I have been blessed to own–well, to be buying is more accurate–what feels to us like the perfect home.

Our wonderful home

Today, I prayed, I read, I napped, I mowed, played with Cocoa and walked with him and Jonathan, I began erecting a chicken wire fence around the garden, I cleaned parts of the house, I paid a bill or two online, cleaned out my email inbox a little, played with Cocoa , and oh yes, I played with Cocoa. . . I’d be glad to do it all again tomorrow.

And maybe I will do a couple of those things again tomorrow–walking for sure, playing with Cocoa, maybe a little weeding or trimming bushes . . . and I will also work on my sermon for Sunday, make pastoral phone calls and texts, prepare other things for church, engage POFEV colleagues around the state.

I will do most of it at home! If Monday is my day off, than Tuesday is my day to work at home–not home work, but office work done in my study (a really good project would be to clean the study, too!).

So, as I contemplate the joy of Mondays at home, I can anticipate the joy of Tuesday here, too. And then on Wednesday – Sunday, the joy of work at church, too! And maybe I’ll manage this week to work at home on Saturday, too.

I am blessed, wherever I am (but home is special).

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