Nine Short, Nineteen to Go

Some readers may remember my post last fall when I revealed my goal of losing 38 pounds–going from 238 to 200–by Easter 2012.

Well, I weighed myself on the morning of April 8, and the scale said 209. I lost 29 pounds–pretty good in 7 months–but not my goal weight.

But I am not discouraged. I have come to appreciate how I feel, and look, and the fact that my clothes are getting loose enough so that soon I will require some tailoring or just new items.

Most of all, I appreciate feeling better, and feeling that food is not running my life. I am not exactly on a diet, but I have changed eating patterns. That is the most important aspect of this. I limit portions, I don’t eat some trigger foods, and I see dessert as a treat to be enjoyed on special occasions. No longer is dessert my reward for simply making it through another meal!

This entire project is very spiritual for me. I am connecting more with God because I no longer use food to shut down or numb my feelings. And I am taking better care of this amazing body that God gave me.

In fact, even though I fell short of my goal, I am feeling so good about this, that I have decided to keep going–with a new goal.

On Thanksgiving Day 2012 (in the morning before meals!), my goal is to weigh 190 pounds.

That weight would put me in the upper range of the BMI (Body Mass Index) for normal weight in my age group. Right now, I am considered overweight. That may not sound good, but I am glad I am no longer in the BMI obese category.

So, nine pounds short, nineteen to go.

I can hear y’all cheering me on. Thanks!

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  1. I am cheering you on and I know how you feel. I am in the overweight category now … but no longer obese … and it feels great!! I am being mindful of portion sizes as well and have changed my eating habits in a way that I can continue for the rest of my life … nothing drastic … and I love the results. I hope to reach my goal weight by my birthday this year.

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