The “R Word”

C. L. Ermini and Rene Harvey sent me a link to a YouTube video that includes their son Tyree. I love this family (including Shianne) so I watched the video. It was great to see Tyree, singing and dancing with the other students. The video is entitled, “Spread the Word to End the Word!”

And the message is beautiful and true: don’t use the R Word.

No, not Republican . . . silly. That is a good word (even when we disagree).

The R Word is RETARDED. That is an ugly word. That word hurts people. It is an old word, that is still used. We need to stop it. Now.

The kids at Gates Elementary in Chesterfield County know this, and they teach us well.

I promise you that you will be inspired and you will have your spirits raised if you watch. Here it is . . . .


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