More Network, or Not?

I appreciate much about various new technologies. I am well “synched”with my wonderful iPhone. I love texting, including sending prayers to church members (what I call “prxting”). Face Time with my granddaughter Juna every week is a major high point.  I use email a lot–from my PC and my phone. I Skype with my daughter in Mexico and church colleagues from all over. I tweet a few times a week.

So why I am feeling so overwhelmed by requests to join various online communities–LGBT groups, MCC groups, political groups, theology groups, etc.–on Facebook (which I also enjoy) and Linked In? And others I cannot even remember right now.

The simple answer is time. I don’t have enough hours in the day to juggle all this.

And yet there is something compelling about these new ways to maintain and build connection with people about whom I care, creating alliances with people whose values I share and with whom I can participate in creating a new and better world.

I am a pretty good multi-tasker, so I continue to engage some of this online community demand, but not nearly enough to receive much benefit. Frankly, at the moment, I am mostly showing the flag now and again–just to be sure I am not forgotten.

Obviously, what is needed is some prioritizing. But then that’s always my need. I cannot remember when I did not have too much to do.

So, as in many other things, now is the time for some prayer. Help me, God, to discern what You would have me do.

Sometimes, the old ways, the old media, is what your really need–prayer is irreplaceable as the tool to maintain and strengthen the ultimate network, being in full contact with God.

One thought on “More Network, or Not?”

  1. I love the fact that the only server maintenance God requires is of us. He’s the ultimate administrator and help desk. He offers upgrades, technical support, and system reboots free of charge. He always accepts our requests to link in with Him. And He connects with us wherever we are—even on Facebook and blogs like this one. God’s tweets are always worth following!

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