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Voting may get more difficult in Virginia, if State Senator Stephen Martin has his way. 

What Martin wants to do is to change the law so that voter registration cards may no longer be used as an acceptable form of identification at the polls. He says he is worried about fraud, and wants to make sure everyone has to produce a picture ID. “I think we should know who’s voting and that there is no fraud involved,” he says.

State Senator Stephen Martin

Of course, there is no evidence of fraud in Virginia elections. So you’d think we might leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broken . . . .

But there are others around the country–pretty much all Republicans–who join Martin in raising the concern about fraud–despite the absence of much evidence of fraud in U.S. elections. Some are seeing what they perceive to be a trend across the country: creating a demand for photo identification to vote.

Who are the ones most likely to be negatively affected? The folks who don’t have photo ID. And who is that? Mostly poor people.

And which party generally gets more votes from poor people? The Democrats.

Could it be that Republicans are trying to keep Democratic turnout low?

Oh, slap my hand for thinking such diabolical thoughts!

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