What’s the Big Deal?

What’s in a number?

Sometimes, not much. Other times, a lot. The numbers in Washington are daunting. It used to be, when I was much younger, that millions were a lot. Then it became billions. Now it is trillions.

So what is the big deal for me about 218?

I weighed myself Monday morning–I do this every week–and I weighted 218 pounds. For the first time in at least a decade, I weighed less than 220 pounds. Glory Hallelujah!

That is indeed good news. And even better is the fact that it says that the changes I have made in my eating habits, and the increase in walking I have undertaken the past several months, are working. I now feel real hope of making my goal of 200 by Easter (April 8, 2012). Already, I can feel the difference; my pants are not so tight. Maybe by Easter, I’ll need to buy some new ones!

Most of all, I feel better already. And I know we’d all feel better if Congress and the President could get some reduction in the national waistline (but in that case, they need to both reduce the outgo and increase the income–sort of like me eating less starch but also eating more green vegetables).

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