Quality over Quantity

We survived Black Friday. At least, I hope you did. No mace in your face, I trust.

I have been thinking a lot about how out of control things seem to be. Could it be that we, or at least many of us, are following the wrong path?

Instead of seeing shopping–often called consumer spending to make it sound more profound–as the way out of our national, or global, troubles, perhaps we could rely on prayer and helping each other and spending time in meditation and helping the poor build new lives and hanging out with our loved ones and building community through participation in groups that matter to us. What would those sorts of things do?

They would improve the true quality of our lives–far more than having the latest phone or the perfect toys for the adults, and children, in our lives.

Emmet Fox asks, “What is your intelligence for if not to be used in building the kind of life you want?” Indeed.

I don’t deny the need to jump start the economy, but somehow I think if we focused more on the quality of our lives and less on the quantity, we’d be doing a lot better.

What do you think?

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