Pull Out All the Stops!

Jonathan and I had a great time this past Sunday at the Richmond Triangle Players. I have not laughed so hard and so often in a long time. And there are some appropriately serious and inspirational moments, too.

The name of the show is “The Holiday Stops,” and frankly I wish the holidays were like this all the time. Eric Lane Barnes, who wrote the book, music, and lyrics–and this is a world premiere, right here in Richmond!–has a hit. I am told that the music will be available on CD soon. I will buy one, for sure.

The cast is four members of NALOG, the National Ladies Organists League, and they are played by four very talented men–Steve Boschen, Kirk Morton, Todd Minnich, and Andrew Etheredge. We stayed after the show to greet them, because although we knew they are men, we had to see for sure. They–and their make-up, clothes, and hair–are that good.

And the singing is fabulous.

I won’t spoil the show for you by telling you much about the plot, but I can say this: put together a lady organist with a penchant for preaching, another with a lust for Jim Beam and his friends, still another who is a Jewish lesbian, and add their newest friend, an African American organist from somewhere, and let the merriment begin.

Here’s the link to get your ticket. http://rtriangle.org/

Don’t say I didn’t tell you . . . . this is a great present for you, and your special someone, and all your friends.

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