Thanks, Jason, I Needed That!

Thank you, Jason Verlander!

I have been looking for some good news, and the Virginia native has now captured both the Cy Young and MVP awards. He doesn’t know it, and probably doesn’t care, but he has brought two of my worlds together: as a native of Michigan, I cherish the Detroit Tigers, and as one who has made Virginia my home, I am thrilled when a local guy makes good.

And do we need good news or what? 

Thanksgiving is coming, and I am thanking God for a lot of good things, but at the same time Congress has really given all of us a kick right square in the . . . . gut. The twelve wise people picked to begin turning things around just decided to pretend the fiscal iceberg isn’t there and keep on in the same old direction.

So, thank you, Jason and of course your teammates in Detroit and all those folks in Goochland who helped you grow up to be the fine man you are.


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