It’s a “Come to Jesus” Moment

It’s a “Come to Jesus” moment (with apologies to Congressman Cantor and all those of other faiths).

Senator Mark Warner and 144 other members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, have done what the Super Committee and all the other 535 members should be doing right now: finding a workable major step forward in reining in federal debt while not preventing government from doing things that need to be done in a time of economic insecurity.

Senator Mark Warner

I call them The Brave 145–not afraid to cross party lines and even give up a sacred cow or two to serve the greater national interest.

Now is the time for official leaders–Senator Warner and his colleagues are not designated as leaders, although they are leading–to step up and do their part.

Here’s what leaders sometimes have to do: they have to catch up and get out in front of those they are supposed to be leading. How about it, Speaker Boehner, Senators  Reid and McConnell, Congresswoman Pelosi and Congressman Cantor?

This whole unnecessary drama could be over in hearbeat: let the leaders say, “We’re going with the Brave 145! We want to be brave, too!”

Hear Senator Warner tell the truth: “Whether we like it or not, this debt and deficit debate has become in effect a proxy for whether our democratic institutions are up to the job in the 21st century.”

Warner and his colleagues have laid down the marker. Will others, who are supposed to lead, finally really lead? Or will it be more posturing and posing and paying back political debts?

If my mama were still alive, the whole lot of whiners, posturers, cynical backroom deal makers and bought-off politicos would long ago have been taken to the woodshed where cries for mercy would be heard.

Thank you, Mark Warner and others for keeping alive the hope that the U.S. Congress is up to the job.

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