What Is My Part?

The turmoil in the world seems especially acute to me today. Europe in a financial and political uproar, Syria dancing along the edge of major conflagration, protesters evicted from Zucotti Park and then returning, people losing jobs and homes, and so much more.

There is good reason to see all this in a negative light, as a time of heightened danger. The world could really plunge into a deep economic and political decline. My great fear in such a time would be the resurgence of fascist totalitarianism.

But I am inclined to believe that this is more a time of great opportunity for crucial change.

Things are out of whack in the world, and there is need for some significant adjustment. For one thing, greed needs to be stopped.

I am not talking just about financial greed, although that is a core issue. There also is greed for power, and I don’t just refer to dictators such as Assad in Syria. There is a greed for power in Washington, too, and in London and Paris and Bonn, as well. Too many leaders seem intent more than anything on staying in, or getting, power. The focus is too much on defeating the other side, and not enough on helping all sides.

The biggest financial problem we have in the United States is a spiritual one. We have come to believe in money. We have moved from a country that produces things that the world wants to one where the financial players simply move money around–too much of our economy is now focused on making money from money. By definition, there has to be a point when we will run out of money with which to run the shell game.

We can change all this, even those of us who have little power. We do have the power of speech and the vote. And the power of prayer and protest.

Today, my prayer is to ask God to help me see what I need to be doing. I hope you are doing the same.

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