I Voted for Myself Yesterday

I went to the polls yesterday and voted. There were more people coming and going than I thought there would be, but still the turnout was low.

One reason is probably that so many candidates run unopposed. As someone said to me at church last night, when she realized she had missed voting, “What’s the point? There are so few choices.”

I took matters into my own hands yesterday. I wrote in my name for Delegate in District 68.

Manoli Loupassi (the incumbent) is probably a nice guy, so it is nothing personal. I don’t even know much about him. I ended up in his district after the redistricting, but don’t remember hearing from him. Maybe he doesn’t feel the need to be in touch, given the lack of opposition.

Del. Manoli Loupassi

Did you know that 63 of the 100 members of the House of Delegates ran unopposed? I know Virginians are generally opposed to socialism, but this is beginning to feel like some sort of communist country–or at least a banana republic–where the party (or the two parties in our case) get to decide everything without the citizens having much say.

Fortunately, I did not win. I don’t have time for another job!

But I did want to make a statement: Manoli, you may be a nice guy, and maybe if I knew more about you, I’d vote for you, but right now I just want you to know not to take me for granted.

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