Breathe More, and Deeply

I can’t believe it has been nearly a week since I last wrote here. Life is so very full.

Still, writing is one of the great joys of my life, and not writing is a form of not being good to myself. Writing is a form of breathing for me; if I am not engaged in the give and take of creating text, then there is less life. My breathing is more shallow without writing.

For some, this makes no sense. Lots of people say they hate writing. I know many who think things through and then write them down.

I am very different. I tend to write my way into understanding. Writing here often helps me move to a new place, or solidify where I am.

For example, I have been focused on losing weight, and have managed to lose 15 pounds and keep them off. I am working on the next five (which went and then came back). Part of this program involves walking regularly, and walking longer distances; it also involves portion control. I am committed to this, with a goal of weighing 200 pounds by next Easter (yesterday I was at 225).

I write about the ups and downs in my journal daily–an important way to stay focused. But I need to keep writing about this process here, too. Writing in both venues keeps me honest. I also hear from the occasional reader, with words of encouragement.

The spiritual journey is in some ways a private one, but for me sharing that journey with others is a true gift from God. I am grateful to be alive now, with the opportunity to blog.

I hereby commit to taking better care of myself–more writing. I hope you, gentle reader, may enjoy having more to read. But even if no one reads, the writing is a gift–to me.

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