When Good Things Happen . . . .

Two great things have happened to me this week.

I signed up for Medicare (Parts A & B). . . . wasn’t easy. The bureaucratic channels are not all that straight forward, but I succeeded–well almost. I’m still waiting on my official Medicate number (my social security number and a letter of the alphabet to be told to me later) and until I have that I can’t sign up for Part D (prescription drugs) and the Medicare Supplement Plan.

But I’m on my way to this new chapter in my life. Feels good.

But the other thing is even more wonderful. I am finishing up a seminar, sponsored by the Alban Institute (the leading organization for congregational development and leadership), “New Vision for the Long Pastorate.”

I joined 25 other pastors–from California, Canada, Maine, Nebraska, Virginia (3 of us), North Carolina, and elsewhere–to be led by Ed White, a 79-year-old consultant and long-time Presbyterian executive, in how we can build on our work as pastors to date and become even more effective over the long run.

Ed White

It has been a great learning experience, because of Ed White’s expertise (he’s a great example of creative, powerful longevity) and the opportunity to share stories and wisdom and hope with colleagues from a wide variety of traditions: Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, United Church of Christ, Lutheran, Unitarian, United Church of Canada, Disciples of Christ, and some I am forgetting.

Why is this so great for me?

I already was clear I want to pastor for some more years. Now, I have so many new tools and insights. What a glorious journey lies ahead!

I know it will good for me. My prayer is that it will be good–even great–for those God has called me to serve and lead.

Overall, a really good week . . . and it’s not over!

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