I have had a crazy few days. I think today will be no exception to what the past several days have been.

It is almost as if after a quiet birthday on Monday, God, or the universe, turned up the speed on the treadmill and said, “Get a move on it, buster!”

And yet, in the midst of many different pressures and needs and expectations, I am feeling centered. I am almost afraid to mention it for fear I will jinx it. But it feels less like something I am doing and more like something God is doing. 

The only way I can jinx it, or God, is by denying it.  Which is why I am claiming it.

I am claiming what God is making available to me, a deeper center, a more holistic relationship with all creation. All creation: my husband and family, God’s church (the one in Richmond God is empowering me to serve and lead, as well as the wider global movement of MCC and allies), the community of those in Central Virginia and the wider commonwealth working for justice and equality, my country, the world including the natural world and all my siblings in hope and faith around the globe.

None of this is perfect–except God, of course–and certainly that is especially true of me. And yet, there is a symmetry to what I am experiencing that leads to balance and wholeness and joy and serenity–even in the midst of a lot of crosscurrents.

I am seeing glimpses of that “peace that passes all understanding.”  Wow! Thank you, God!

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