Getting Up

Sometimes, I have to get up when I don’t want to.

I don’t mean in the morning, because I am a morning person and generally like to get up and welcome the day. What I mean is when I feel down, or feel knocked down.

The temptation is to blame someone else, maybe even God, for my being down, but in truth there is only one person who can keep me down. That person is me. And the truth is that God is always rooting for me to get up, to move forward. So I have an ally, all the time.

On this 43rd anniversary of the first worship service of MCC–October 6, 1968, in Troy Perry’s living room in the pink house (left) in Huntington Beach, CA–I am reminded of that central truth: the only person who can keep me down is me.

So today, as I pray is true every day, I stand with Troy and Troy’s God, my God, our God, who lifts me up and empowers me to lift others up.

This is the day God has made, and God calls me to make the most of it.

Praise God, and thank you, Troy–and all the others who have brought us this far, by faith.

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