Two Small Verses and One Small Book

Sometimes, the small things mean a lot.

Recently, at our church “Treasures in the Basement Sale,” I spent $2 on a very small hardback book. I had heard about it over the past few years, and had wondered if I should buy it.

But sometimes the way people talked about it made me not want to buy. Other times I felt just the opposite. So I just never did.

But here it was, $2, and in mint condition. Without even looking at it, I swooped it up, along with a few other items (all of which I could probably do without), paid my bill, and took it home.

The next day, I began reading its 92 pages. It is a little book and a fast read, so I found myself sailing through it. But then I realized that it is one of those books that is deceptively simple–and that to get the most from it, I need to take it in more slowly. It took me more than a week to get through it the first time (I’m now on round two).

It took that long because I found phrases that challenged me to go deeper, and to seek more in prayer.

I will probably write more in the days and weeks to come about its four themes, but for now I can say it is entirely focused on two rather obscure (until this book was published) biblical verses, 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

Check them out. I hope they help you as much as they are helping me.

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  1. It’s a great book. FYI … if you should feel led to d a sermon series on it at some point, Ginny has a musical called The Prayer of Jabez.

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