So What’s Not to Celebrate?

Jonathan and I are doing some celebrating–dinner out last night (and not at Joe’s or Panera) and a day off tomorrow (originally planned as a beach day, but now it seems we will do VMFA and a movie and dinner and maybe a little for-fun shopping).

Why? We marked 14 years of marriage on September 21.

I know 14 years is  not your usual big deal anniversary, and we’ll probably do a lot more at 20 or 25 and 35 or 40–and maybe even next year at 15.

But I have discovered over the years that when you feel like celebrating a birthday or anniversary that’s the time to do it. I remember I avoided my 50th birthday, but then had a big party at 51. That felt like the big year for me.

So what about 14? All I can say is that they have been, and continue to be, the best years of my life. For some reason, this seems abundantly clear to me now.

So what’s  not to celebrate?

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