God Still Makes House Calls

I made an appointment today for my annual physical examination.

I’ll see my doctor in early December, and he will poke and prod (ugh!) and shine a light in my ears and tap my knees and  have some blood work done, etc..

It got me to thinking about the need for an annual spiritual examination. Early December would be a good time for that, too, during Advent as we begin a new church liturgical year (and get ready for Christmas).

What will I check on, and who will help me so that I am honest?

I meet with a spiritual director about once each month, and I think I will ask her, in advance, if we can plan either our November or December time for this purpose. She knows me pretty well, and will help me take sound measurements and accurately read the x-ray of my soul.

Knowing how we are doing is key to maintaining and improving health–physical, mental, and spiritual. Like my doctor, God will share all the information I need.

Of course, my doctor will help me with any physical health problems, prescribing actions and treatments I need. God will do all that, too, to help me improve my spiritual health.

There are differences, however. Appointments with God are easy. I don’t have to wait, and God still makes house calls.

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