That Darned Sock

I enjoyed success yesterday.  I wore my favorite red socks all day.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but to me it is a big deal. One of the socks had developed a hole in the toe, and I had been unable to wear them. But I kept them, with the idea I would darn the hole. I bought a darning egg a month ago.

Tuesday evening, as Jonathan and I sat and talked about our respective days, I did my first darning.

Yesterday, I wore the socks. And my darning, while not beautiful, held (don’t you like the purple thread?).

I see much of my work as pastor as offering support so people can access God’s healing. More than once it has occurred to me that healing is often like darning: the hurt or pain doesn’t entirely disappear (at least in our memory) but it no longer holds us back. Sometimes I get to help God darn a hole in someone’s heart.

Of course, healing is not the end. It is intended to make it possible for us to get to our real God work–to live full lives and to heal others.

That’s why wearing my socks all day was such a big deal. My sock was healed–and now it is being the sock it was created to be.

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