Stop Running Scared

Jonathan and recently saw a couple of reminders of hard times from long ago.

At Bear Creek Lake State Park there is a CCC museum–if you remember your Depression-era history, you know that stands for Civilian Conservation Corps. Then, just the other day, we passed by Camp Roosevelt, near Woodstock, VA, which was the first CCC camp to open in 1933.

Do you know that President Roosevelt introduced the legislation to establish the CCC on March 27 and four days later it had passed both houses of Congress. Camp Roosevelt opened on April 17, 1933.

Can you imagine that happening today? Can you imagine bold leadership like that, from the President and the Congress?

That’s what we need. We need not only tax cuts and tax cut extensions, and tax hikes in some cases, we need to spend significant money to get some people working on projects to benefit our nation–road and bridge building and repair, electronic infrastructure to connect everyone, and more. Our national parks are sagging under benign neglect. Let’s fix them up.

If we wait much longer to get people working there won’t be much of anybody left to buy anything that workers can produce. There will be only millionaires, and then billionaires, and by themselves they can’t save us–even if they wanted to.

Let’s stop running scared and start believing in ourselves, and God’s desire for us to be all we are created to be.

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