Thank You, Mr. President

On an emotional level, I was glad when President Obama authorized help to the Libyan rebels, and worked with NATO to provide continuing military support.

However, I joined many others who were concerned that we were getting ourselves bogged down in what seemed to become an endless, and quite possibly hopeless, civil war. Many in Congress felt the President had exceeded his authority.

Today, I want to thank the President. He took a huge risk, and it seems to have worked. The hated dictator is on his way out. The Libyan people can breathe again, after 42 years of repression.

Generally, I am not a subscriber to the theory that the end justifies the means, but in statecraft it is often the best we can do. Jefferson certainly exceeded his authority in buying Louisiana, but I am glad he did. Lincoln overrode habeas corpus protections in war, but it may well have saved the Union.

On the other hand, FDR exceeded his authority, at least in my view, when he locked up scores of Japanese, and it did no one any good.

Whatever your view, and whatever your politics, we can in this moment, I hope, feel joy for our Libyan siblings. And pray for them to be able to rebuild their tattered homeland.

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