Goodbye? Say It Isn’t So

What do you do when a friend sends you what feels like a “Dear John” email?

I don’t mean a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner, but a friend, somebody you like and you think of as a friend, who sends you an email that sends a message of “See ya around.”

As a pastor, I am used to people coming and going. Sort of used to it, anyway.

If I am honest, it still hurts when people just stop coming to church. It even hurts when people tell you why, but that hurts less. In that case, you at least know they care enough, maybe even respect you enough, to tell you what’s on their heart. I am always willing to listen.

I know, as a pastor, I sometimes say or do things that can lead some folks to feel angry. I so wish they would talk to me, rather than just nurse the anger or talk only to others or just leave.

I frankly do not know which is worse–the silence from those who say nothing or the sting of those who write cold-sounding email goodbyes.

Well, actually, I do know what is the worse: their absence. That is what causes my heart to hurt.

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