Thanks for the Journeys

One of the great privileges of being a pastor is how often I am honored with the heartfelt truths of people’s lives.

Sometimes, these truths are glorious, causing me to sing praises to God for helping them be realized and spoken. At other times, the truths are painful and hard to hear, and see. Yet, even then, I give God thanks for the courage and honesty of the one who speaks and/or lives the truth.

Truth-telling. That is what I experience so often.

In these moments, there is no “spin,” there is no shallowness. In these moments, I know we are on sacred ground.

Many years ago, when I was resisting becoming a pastor, I told Jonathan that a main reason was, “I don’t want to have to listen to all those ‘whiney’ people!” He knew better, and kept encouraging me.

The truth, my truth, is that I hear very little whining. And even it has redeeming qualities–if we can’t whine now and again, it will be hard for us to tell the bigger truths.

So, thank you, God, for showing me people who are honestly on their own spiritual journeys, and for allowing me to accompany them.

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