To Be a Dog or Not To Be a Dog?

Cocoa turned two on Monday, a day we celebrated by giving him a new toy, some special canned food (he usually eats kibble), and even a card (which we did not let him chew).

He is adorable, of course, and we are grateful every day for his presence–loyalty, liveliness, playfulness–and cannot imagine why we waited so long to get him.

Still, he is a dog, and is not a perfectly behaved one at that!

One thing I have noticed, especially when I am walking him, is how distractable he is. A jogger, a bicyclist or a walker (with or without dog)–any and all of them draw him immediately away from me and whatever was occupying him before they appeared.

But as I have thought about it, I realize I have some of that, too. I notice other folks do as well.

Just the other day, I was talking to someone at church and another person walked in and the person with whom I thought I was engaged in significant conversation simply walked away from me. I never did finish the sentence I was uttering when the person left me.

We are a distracting society–so much noise everywhere, so much demanding our attention. I certainly know I have plenty of Cocoa moments myself.

If only I could be as cute as he is. Then I wouldn’t mind not being that much further up the evolutionary chain.

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