God, Have Mercy

Only prayer may be left. Only prayer can save us.

We have the spectacle of just averting a financial meltdown only to discover that the economy is tanking far worse than anyone thought. Now, we have no government resources to help.

And even more absurd is that while the leaders in Washington were haggling over what and how much to cut, and some were drawing no-tax lines in the sand (you always know what is most important by what lines are drawn in the sand), 4,000 employees of the Federal Aviation Administration are out of work, as are tens of thousands of private construction workers who should be working on airport construction projects.

This is because Congress can’t agree on some rules about rural airports and employee union elections. Air traffic controllers are still working, but inspectors of our nation’s airports are not, and others are working without pay and being asked to charge their expenses to their personal credit cards.

Is this any way to run a railroad? Perhaps. But not a nation. And not our airports.

I pity our President. How can lead a country whose policymakers can’t even fix this? But I pity us even more.

God, have mercy on us. This is OUR government.

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