Be Yourself?

Life is fluid, something often difficult to remember.

Jesus was Jewish, not Christian, so why is it so hard for Christians to honor and treasure Judaism? Why does it so often seem they are in opposition to each other?

Gay athletic groups–such as the National Gay Flag Football League and the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance–have different ways to figure out how to define who is gay and who is not, because they limit the number of non-gay team members. Is it so clear? This is an issue with which they are currently wrestling.

Digital art by Steve Berliner

Some Christians feel they have the right to decide who is Christian and who is not. Some Republicans say that others of their party, who differ from them, are RINOs, Republicans In Name Only.

Even transgender folks can get trapped into defining that term in ways that appear to draw lines that others feel are too rigid.

Why do we so often need to define people IN or OUT?

I suspect our fear of fluidity is one reason the Holy Spirit is the least acknowledged part of the Christian Trinity. The Spirit knows no boundaries, moving when and where S/He will.

Personally, I just think everyone should like fluidity and if they don’t, well they should just  . . . . well . . . . oh, I guess . . . . they should just . . . . . be themselves?

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