Welcome Pray-ers

I received a thank you card yesterday from some folks in Pennsylvania. I am very touched.

They wrote personal messages, thanking me for my service to MCC Richmond as pastor. Two of them are former members in Richmond. They are now active at MCC of the Spirit in Harrisburg. They were joined by five others.

What I really liked is that they wrote on the card as members of the MCC of the Spirit Prayer Warriors. I am not always pleased when people call themselve warriors, but this is a good use of that word.

I believe we are wise to have the seriousness of purpose that the term implies–dedicated to praying with unceasing devotion, and to letting nothing stand in our way.

So, thank you, Harrisburg Warriors–this pastor is grateful for your thoughtfulness. I shall keep your card nearby, for those days when my spirit wanes, and I need to be reminded that the struggle continues.

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