Taking Care of God’s Gift

Do you take good care of yourself? Do you eat well, exercise, get enough sleep? Do you take good care of God’s gift to you, your own body?

I know I need to lose weight. Eating less helps. Exercising more helps, too. I also need to get more sleep regularly.

Other than that, I am in relatively good shape. I am so grateful. I know so many others have major health challenges.

When I visit or pray with folks who are sick, I really seek to feel their stresses and fears and anxieties. This also is true when I pray for people during my daily prayers.

But I also give thanks to God for blessing me, so far, with phenomenally good health. I did not earn this. In fact, people with my weight often have more serious issues. So I know the fact of my relative good health is due more to providence than to me.

I want to lose the weight. I don’t want to be contributing to the national obesity index.

Recently, I have lost a few pounds. I am really trying. So, in addition to my prayers for others, I am praying for myself: Help me, God, to eat less and exercise more. And help me to get enough sleep.

Those changes require other changes in how I live. And there is only one who gives me enough strength to make those changes, to take good care of the body God has given me.

Thank You, God. Help me, God. Thank You, God.

One thought on “Taking Care of God’s Gift”

  1. I know I definitely need to take better care of myself! haha. I jog at least twice a day, but my eating habits need to change, a Lot: its all over once I see they’re serving macaroni and cheese, or if I get near any kind of sweets.

    Also, I had no idea until tonight that Richmond had a metropolitan community church! the only one I knew about was the one in Ohio that’s received some televised publicity.

    you learn something new every day!

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