Why Is Money All that Seems to Matter?

I had a colonoscopy today. It was not my first, so I knew that the preparation was likely to be the hardest part (in a manner of speaking). And so it was.

The best part was the nap. I went out like a light. I don’t know what sedative they use, but it sure felt good. I was shocked when the nurse woke me to tell it was all over.

But there are other positives. Dr. P. Frederick Duckworth of Gastrointestinal Specialists is the best kind of doctor, and his staff is excellent, too. I also really admire my primary care doctor, Haroon Hyder of Patterson Avenue Family Practice.

Dr. Duckworth

I know there are many fine doctors in Richmond. I am grateful for mine. I experience Richmond as a community well-served by many fine doctors–private and public (the VA gets good marks, e.g.).

I also know there are plenty of people here who may not receive a colonoscopy when they need it–that is, before colon cancer and other ills get too far along. Some of this is willful–there are people who refuse medical care.

But much of it is systemic.

As a nation, we still have not got health care right. And certainly that is true in most of the rest of the world.

My reading of the Bible says God expects us to do better. I know Jesus does. He reminds us that when we care for others, we connect with him.

So why is this lost in all the talk about debt ceilings and balancing the budget? Why is it only money that matters?

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