Prayer Would Help

I am finding it difficult to maintain a thoughtful perspective about the debt ceiling mess inWashington.

So, although I read the headlines and even the news reports, I am resorting more and more to prayer. It is only there that I am finding some hope. The limitations of our leaders are all too apparent.

As you might expect, I am finding it especially difficult to maintain some equanimity about the Republicans. But the Democrats are far from paragons of good sense.

What is especially troubling is the ideological posturing. Richard Rohr speaks of ideologues as those who replace “real experience with predetermined conclusions.” What this means in the present moment is that people, my own Congressman Cantor comes to mind, repeat the same phrases over and over . . . . as if that is governing.

But he is not alone. Folks on the left endlessly repeat phrases about protecting the elderly, the sick, and the poor as if fixing our finances did not matter much at all.

What neither seem to get is that in order to get something done, there will have to be painful compromise–and they can’t predetermine how painful it will be. If they get to name in advance how far they will go it is not compromise. People who successfully build marriages know this. Why can’t political leaders remember it, too?

My suggestion is that they spend less time in meetings and more time in prayer, preferably together, and holding hands.

Our country is at stake. They asked to be our leaders. Now they need help to do what, on their own, they seem unable to do. A key element of leadership is to know when to get help, and who to ask.

I know prayer would help. It always does.

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