Here, It’s for You!

I read somewhere recently (this is my paraphrase), don’t focus on your problem, focus on God.

Just think if the folks meeting at the White House would do that. Or at UN. Or in the parliaments of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Yemen, Uganda, or Great Britain, among others. Trouble is, some of them probably already think they do.

The focus on God can so easily become telling other people what we are sure God says–mostly about how wrong or bad the other people are.

I am pretty sure the writer I am paraphrasing had a different idea. He meant that we would profit if we spent more time listening to God, and less time listening to (and endlessly repeating) our problem. 

As a preacher, I try to be careful not to suggest what other people do unless I am willing to apply it to myself. And before I talk too much about how other people live, I try to see their patterns in my own life. What I discover most of the time–probably it would be all the time if I could rid of all my blind spots!–is that I have been there, done that, just like those other folks.

That is good, so far as I am able to live that honestly. But the biggest gain I can make is to spend more time listening to others, especially to God.

Listening is generally difficult in this world so filled with sound. We can’t begin to hear all the different voices. So we often listen to the loudest, most insistent one.

God’s voice is generally very small and quiet. Fortunately, God is the most persistent voice of all. God never stops trying to reach us.

Here, it’s for you. It’s God!

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