Priming the Pump

There is a huge difference between our human economy and God’s economy.

When the economy is bad, we pull back, get cautious, stop spending money. Businesses stop hiring. With fewer jobs, folks have less income, so spending slows down even more, which means fewer jobs, less spending, on and on, in what seems like an endless cycle. Everything contracts. This cycle can haunt us, as it is doing now.

When my heart is hurting, when something bad has happened to me in my soul, I often contract, too. Emotionally, I pull into myself, erecting a barrier against emotional engagement with others. Perhaps that is where you are today. I pray not.

God is different. In my experience, at moments of our smallness, times of our contracting, God primes the pump. God does not contract. God does not become more cautious.

It has taken me 60+ years to realize that the biggest problem in my life is not what is happening to me at any given moment–that I don’t have enough money or time or energy or whatever is the latest sad or difficult thing to happen. The biggest problem of my life is how little I let God into my life.

Of course, in that problem lies an opportunity to change everything. When I let God prime my pump, it is amazing how much things improve.

Prayer is the pump of God. God is praying for us already before we ask. It is the nature of God to pray constantly for each of us, to never cease priming the pumps of our lives.

When we meet God at the pump, and share in the priming, there is no telling what wondrous things will happen. But I can tell you this: life will be better.

I don’t know if any of that works in the human economy, but it works in my life. And maybe if we all let it work in our lives, the big human economy–which is so much smaller than God–would be transformed, too.

One thought on “Priming the Pump”

  1. Thank you for this reminder especially today as we try to regroup from a difficult week of uncertainty about Brenda Lea’s future. After she collapsed Monday morning, the revelations of her health have been overwhelming.

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