Sometimes a Weiner Is Just . . .

I know I am going to get in trouble with this post. So here goes.

The behavior of Congressman Anthony Weiner is disgusting. And then lying about is even worse. The whole thing stinks.

And he should resign from Congress.

But I think the reason he should resign is more about fixing himself than what he did. He needs time to grow up, to find out what drove him to behavior that is simply wrong, and then lying about it. And then he needs time to fix those things and heal from them. That does not allow him much time to conduct the public business.

And we as a society need to get over our national obsession with the peccadilloes of our leaders. We are getting off on this as a nation–it is as if we are having a national group orgasm.

At the same time, we do not allow adult conversations about sex and sexuality in our culture. Instead, we are titillated by the misadventures of others. We can get all sanctimonious and feel good about ourselves because WE did not do THAT.

Some of the woman he bothered may well need help. They should receive it. But providing adequate mental health services is not high on our national priority list. We would not really want people to develop healthy sexual relationships.

So, instead of tabloid-style journalism and public breast-beating and finger-pointing by politicians and opinionators, we should make sure they get help.

And we should ignore the man and move on. We have far more important national issues than the pathetic grade school behavior–I’ll show you mine–of a grown man.

Sometimes a weiner is just . . . .

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