One of the Times When Red Is Better than Black

I enjoy writing. It is one of the great pleasures of my life.

That is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging. I have things to say, and I like doing so in writing (and that is why I am enjoying preparing full sermon texts again).

I do most of my writing at a keyboard, and the product is saved on a flash drive (or on this site). But the most important writing I do is different. For that I have a book and a pen.

I write in my journal almost every day. I feel off-center if I do not write in my journal.

The pen is cheap–the cheapest house brand pen that Staples sells–but the journal book is more pricey. Last year, just as I was going on sabbatical, I found Moleskine journals, and I fell in love instantly. It costs about $17, but it last me 3-4 months (240 pages), so it does not cost much per day. I am on Moleskine journal #4 now, and can’t leave home (or begin the day) without it.

But there is something special about #4. It is red. Numbers 1-3 were black. The color was the only thing I did nto like about them. Black is a fine color for many things, but I wanted something brighter for my journal. There is so much life in it.

I don’t know if the red one, which I just found, is new from the company or not, but I am thrilled. I can already see how glorious it is going to look on the shelf with the three black ones. And I can imagine already how a dozen or more red ones are going to look in a few years.

Thank you, Moleskine, for getting more bold, and thank you, God, for inspiring me each day to write.

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