Simpler Living

We didn’t watch television last night–except for the PBS NewsHour. Perhaps another way to say it is that we did not depend on television to entertain us.

I had almost forgotten the joy of evening reading. I learned more about Iran’s nuclear capability (maybe it is not what we have been told), the sad state of mental health services in our country, and what Greg Mortenson has to say about the criticisms leveled at him and the Central Asia Institute. I enjoyed some funny political cartoons, and was impressed by Mitt Romney.

Not once did I have to see Sarah Palin, or any of the other fluff that passes for news these days.

Plus, Jonathan and I made soup together. And Cocoa lay at our feet in the kitchen while we did it (that was not always so easy to deal with, even as it was sweet).

During much of the year, our Tuesdays are built around Linda Hunt and NCIS LA at 9:00 pm and Juliana Margulies and The Good Wife at 10:00. But during rerun season, we can return to more simple, less worldly, pursuits.

What a relief . . .  to be quiet together, to share tidbits of our reading, and to engage in intelligent conversation. And fewer commercials.

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