I am in Washington, D.C.


I came back this morning to participate in Clergy Call, a biennial interfaith event sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, bringing together clergy from all over the country to work together to change the national dialogue about equality.

I left here Saturday afternoon, after participating for a couple of days in the MCC People of African Descent Conference, and came back again Monday morning–preaching in Richmond in between–because both events are important manifestations of spiritually-grounded justice work.

I took the train early Monday morning, so I could sleep a bit, but still I stumbled in the first session, barely conscious. But it was not long before my aging body began to pick up momentum–the speakers were superb, and especially personal testimonies about justice work from the likes of Bishop Gene Robinson, Rev. Harry Knox, Rabbi Denise Eger, and Bishop Carleton Pearson.

We have real challenges in Virginia–it is an uphill climb to achieve justice for LGBT folks, and others, too–but I feel renewed. It is amazing what being with several hundred other activist clergy can do for your spirit.

Human Rights Campaign headquarters in Washington, D.C.

I also learned important things about social movements this afternoon from Beth Zemsky. I intend to apply the lessons at church and at People of Faith for Equality in Virginia–and tomorrow as we lobby members of Congress.

It is good for me to remember that God calls me, and others, to the work of justice and love, and that work requires intelligence, commitment, and most of all, faith.

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