Don’t Give Up, Sir.

I voted for Barack Obama for President. I say that to get my bias up front and out in the open right away.

At the same time, I do not always agree with him. No president is always right, or always wrong–although to read some commentators you’d never know it.

Still, I admire the man a lot. I like the way he keeps trying. I like the way he keeps showing up and saying stuff that needs to be said.

I disagree with those who think he gives in to the Republicans too easily. Sure, I often wish he wouldn’t do it, but still I know he is the guy who has to make sure something gets done. I am glad he takes governing seriously enough not to simply recite old mantras, and instead tries to make the best deal he can to keep things moving.

Actually, I think the man has guts.

What brought me to this today? I admire his willingness to continue to wade into the mucky waters of the Israeli-Palestinian dysfunctionality. I admire him for being willing to state the obvious, and tell both sides they have to give some ground.

I admire his willingness to call the bluff of Prime Minister Netanyahu. I have never admired that Israeli leader, even as I have admired many others, right and left. Unlike them, he has always seemed uninterested in peace. Unlike them, he has always seemed more self-righteous than real.

So, President Obama, thank you for trying yet again.

Don’t give up, sir. We can do it. Yes, we can.

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