I am about to become a grandfather.

Meg, Kevin, and baby girl at 8.5 months

I have wanted to write those words for years, and it looks like my daughter Meg is about to fulfill the dream. I know it is a glorious time of joy for her and her beloved Kevin as well (even as she prepares to face the agonies of giving birth).

As I have allowed myself to feel the joy rising in me, I also read newspaper accounts about the efforts of some in Congress to deny funds to Planned Parenthood. As the debate wore on about what Planned Parenthood did with their funds–including the federal ones–I began to see a connection.

Those who seek to cut the funding focus on abortion, claiming that is pretty much what Planned Parenthood does. But the truth is that no federal money is used by Planned Parenthood for abortions, and they expend enormous sums of money, including federal funds, and time on family planning.

I am glad of their work in that area, and the work of other groups, as well as local and state and federal programs that support responsible family planning. I am grateful my daughter, and her wonderful husband, have access, should they need them, to resources that help them deal responsibly with the momentous decisions about life–their own and their children.

And here is where I become a conservative. I want them to make those decisions–not a court, not a bureaucrat, not a church or leaders of a church.

I know they will be fantastic parents, that this little baby girl is going to be raised with love, care, and wisdom. But I also would have supported any decision they felt they needed to make –including one to abort the fetus.

Does that make me a baby-killer, or a potential one? I don’t think so. Instead, it marks me as a good parent and grandparent. At least, that’s how I see it.

Welcome, baby girl!

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