New Life, Renewed Life

As spring rolls along–some days warm, others more nippy–I continue to marvel at the beauty of creation. Is it any wonder that we celebrate Easter, the Sunday of Resurrection, at this time of year?

Of course, the date of Easter is not determined by our calendar, or even our weather–but still, it seems so right. After the dreary tomb of winter, God’s creation is alive!

Lent always used to be a time of heaviness for me, but since my seminary days (can it be 26 years ago this May that I graduated?) I have come to see it as a time of amazing rebirth. Lent is 40 days that are equivalent for me to what I imagine the nine months of pregnancy must be like for a woman (like our daughter, Meg, who will deliver any day now).

Life is kicking inside me. I am making changes, sometimes small ones but still they will have lasting effect. My personal clean-up campaign is not running a sprint, but I am on a marathon to change my ways. And I know God is cheering me on.

New life, renewed life. It is available to us all the time.

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