Winning the Larger Game of Life

Go Rams!

Much, if not most, of Richmond is saying those words. Me, too.

It feels really good when the hometown team rises to the top. We are all raised up.

It is especially so when that team does so against the odds. We all like to see underdogs score–David and Goliath, for example.

But there is at least one larger lesson in the achievement of the Virgina Commonwealth University Rams and their coach, Shaka Smart: It is their determination, commitment, and enthusiasm which is carrying them forward. Sure, they have talented players, and obviously a great coach, but so do the other teams they have knocked off on their way up, and so does Butler whom they face on Saturday, and so does the team they may face on Tuesday.

VCU Rams and Coach Shaka Smart after knocking off Kansas

Will they make it all the way to the national championship? We do not know. The odds are long; the other teams are undoubtedly wise to them now. They can’t exactly sneak up from behind and surprise their opponents.

But I do know this: If they continue to stir themselves to achieve beyond expectation, to see themselves as champions no matter whether they win or lose the next game or the one after that, they will win the larger game of life.

It is a lesson from which we can all profit. So I also say, “Thank you, Rams!”

One thought on “Winning the Larger Game of Life”

  1. I live in Indianapolis. As such, you can’t help but know that Butler has made it to the Final Four again. Even though I’m not a Butler fan (nor am I a Colts fan), I can’t help but hope the best for the Butler team. So, I appreciate your comment about “winning at the larger game of life”, since too often everything about life in this society is “winning” and not about playing the game to the best of (or beyond) your ability. Your comment puts everything in a better perspective, whether you win or not.

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