The Little Things

Yesterday, I finally got outside for a little spring yard work.

Oh my, so much to do! I am way behind.

One job left undone from the fall is to finish raking some leaves . . . and alas, collecting what seems like 10,000 gum balls from the stately gum tree in our backyard. As I contemplated that mess, I was feeling overwhelmed (especially because I have a strained left arm that makes raking painful).

Then, I remembered that Jonathan had encouraged me to buy a “nut gatherer” late last fall at Southern States. They advertised it as a sure way to gather gum balls. I was skeptical at the time, but Jonathan convinced me to buy it. He knew how much I hated to pick them up (and he doesn’t like doing it either).

I got it out of the shed, and tried it. Praise God, it works like a charm!

Of course, Cocoa barks at it–anything that rolls seems to get him going–but oh the joy at not having to bend over and pick up the gum balls!

I had a big limb taken off the tree last year, and was thinking how I might decide to have it removed–that is how much I dread the gum balls. It would have cost a fortune to have it removed–it is a very large tree, and very beautiful, too, providing great shade in the summer.

But now, for the price (about $30) of one Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer, I am content to enjoy the tree. And Cocoa is thrilled–a new object at which to exercise his lungs.

Sometimes, it is the little things that make life special.

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