Have the Socialists Won?

On this day in 1900, the U.S. Socialist Party was formed in Indianapolis.

Two things are worth noting: first, the party was formed not in New York, Chicago, Detroit, or even Los Angeles–those hotbeds of radicalism–but in a loyal Red State, Indiana. No, not that red (as in communist), but RED, as in making Glenn Beck and many others very proud.

Of course, Beck might be critical of me for mentioning this anniversary–if he reads my blog–especially because I am one of those persons who think that socialism offers some good ideas. I don’t support pure socialism–for the people to own all the means of production, e.g.–but I do not think some things that socialism has advocated, and continues to support, are good–old age pensions (i.e., social security), for one.

Yes, I am an American. A citizen. A proud one. Just thought I’d better clarify that, given the numbers of people who seem to equate socialism with not being American.

I said TWO things are worth mentioning. The second is that the United States is nowhere near being socialist, and the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (it is not ObamaCare, but I am glad Obama cares) is not a socialist law. What makes that charge so laughable is that the law actually helps private insurance companies not only stay in business but also expand. That’s not socialism.

I know some folks think the U.S. Socialist Party has already won–and it has only taken 111 years. I disagree, and I suspect they will not win even in another 111 years.

But they are welcome to try to win. And those who oppose them are welcome to “borrow” their better ideas. That is the American way.

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