Who Would God Have Us Be?

The world seems to be coming apart at the seams. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Gates. Change is everywhere. The old politics seems tossed out like so much refuse.

Places most of us know only as distant names have become centers of intense and important drama. For example, it was only a few months ago that it became common knowledge that the president of Yemen was working closely with our government to root out Al Quaeda cells there. He was allowing covert U.S. military action and saying it was done by his government. He seemed like a good guy then.

Now, it seems most of his country wants him removed from office, because he is a tyrant.

Hello, good guy. Goodbye, bad guy.

The question is for us: what guides our relations with the world? Is it as simple as the enemy of our enemy is our friend? Or do other factors–including our national commitments to peaceful change and individual liberty, e.g.–play a role in how we choose our friends?

And what of economics? Can we truly afford our huge military? Can we afford to be fighting–overtly and covertly– in so many places?

I have no answers, but I do know we need much more discussion.

And lots of prayer. What would God have us do? Who would God have us be?

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